My Grandmother's Eyes

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Contributor: Zach Thomas

- -
My Grandma's Eyes
They tell no lies
They are perfect blue
A soft ocean hue
They have seen love
They have seen war
Inside a factory
Mad to build bombs
The kind they dropped
Upon old Hiroshima
They have seen birth
They experienced death
The death of loved ones
They are pure and clean
Never tainted by hate
Her life was a legacy
For me to remember

- - -
I am 22 going on 23. I started dabbling with fiction when I was six years old. I have written two novellas and am currently working on two more. I have yet to be published. I do not normally write poetry and when I do it usually equates to song lyrics. I am a native of Tennessee. When I am not writing I am brainstorming new ideas for a book or watching a movie that is either comedy or action. The genre of my novellas started out being supernatural horror with an influence of allegory, yet as I grow older I tend to not write horror, instead I write stories that are more just about life and growing up. My influences are as follows: John Irving, T.C. Boyle, Stephen King, Charles Dickens, and J.D Salinger.


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