A Better Day

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Up before dawn
Waking to what is past
We start to move on
Hoping happiness will last

From the star that shines in the day
To the Moon that glows in the night
Between these you will find your own way
Between these we choose what is right

Your pick may make you smile
Like a baby that is learning their way
The wrong choice can sting for a while
Making you stumble the rest of the way

Hold on to what makes you strong
Shake off what is holding you down
Move your feet as you shuffle along
Choose a smile and shine up your crown

Life is sweet when you live it each day
Leaping hurdles that try to hold you back
Never let wrong thoughts block your way
Remember to cut yourself slack

Night comes, and you close your eyes
In your dreams is not the only way
That up to the sky happiness flies
I know you'll wake to a better day!

- - -
Born and raised in Ohio, now living in Florida.


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