Memories of Cherry

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Contributor: Joezel Jang

- -
Whiffs of snowy blossoms linger
as petal upon petal she pirouettes,
while the breeze softly serenades
my heart, in shades of sunset.

I bit my lips but she resounds
my love, his love- unsaid,
Fingers tracing, lips trembling
in between shaky breaths.

His name- my heart, it beats
now cradled in her scent,
I slowly sink and drift away
from an aching present.

If only I had held him
longer than the way he had before,
Perhaps I would've found answers
and he stayed, just a little more,

Than this subtle, haunting mist
among the fronds, below
Through blurry eyes, I watched
as the last petals molded his shadow.

Gently, I made my path
leaving a pile of blossoms-
him, her, these nostalgic scents,
as we fade together
in crumbling silence.

- - -
I am a hopeless romantic. I love reminiscing while strolling down the beach, watching and listening to the rhythm of the rain while drinking early morning or late night lattes. I have always thought that I am quite unique. I write from the heart or at least from my imagination. Until now, I've been in a journey of finding myself as well as my heart in the crossroads of life. For once, hold my hand, walk with me, see through my eyes, and be my heart as I take you beyond my Neverneverland.


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