Pen To Page

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Contributor: Gianna Annunzio

- -
This crime is out of my control, the jury is speaking clearly now
Don’t let your guard down early; they’ll see your transparent exterior
Keeping quiet and careful, this calls for more deception
Your burlesque mask can hide you, but not the faux sensitivity
You had everyone fooled
A sensationalist word, from a sensational pen
Crawling back slowly, a lavish act of pure defiance
Where have you been? We are unimpressed
Your vicious thoughts, this is where you want them
Pen to page, pen to page

Down the spiral staircase of apathy, built up on happy highs
No one means well, perpetually deceiving
Mind racing more than ever, with nothing to pursue

You are the image of the degenerate, the misunderstood
You are the image of a junkie, quarantined in a happy room
The crowd is watching, they go colorfully numb and wild
Will you continue the façade of pen and page?
You beat into us all, this part of you
Trust you, trust you
Construing lies deep under, bury the golden word
Give me love, give me trust, give me harmonics of destruction
Charm me with pen and paper, thrash and excavate
Show me the innocence of your written word
Write it better than I write it
Write it better than I do it
Write it better than I feel it

- - -
Gianna was born and raised in Chicago. She's currently working at her school newspaper the Vidette, and hopes to pursue a career in writing literary works or journalism.


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