Trees That Sway

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Some trees like people are easy to sway
The stronger their roots the better they stay
People like trees may bend in the wind
Which is the best of us who hasn't sinned

Standing on top of a hill all alone
Seeking forgiveness for casting the stone
Getting satisfaction from the smallest acorn
Happy to know we are all earth born

If trees could speak what would they say
Slow down, be happy, give back each day
Some people like trees grow up real tall
While others don't hardly grow up at all

Helping those that need it the most
Spreading our branches, being a good host
Keeping everything clean and neat
Laying a blanket down at our feet

Trees are not like people I am happy to say
Dastardly deeds just are not their way
People who always take more then they need
Are selfish, hateful and full of greed

So try to be strong just like a tree
Come by my side and stand with me
Learn to sway a little from side to side
Hang on tight it will be a bumpy ride!

- - -
Born and raised in Ohio, now living in Florida.


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