Politicians Lie

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Speeches made by fools in tails
Lies by false tongues it never fails
Promises made that will be broken
Deals made before one word is spoken


Selfish deeds by poorly selected thieves
A tapestry that only the sighted blind weaves
Laziness displayed by the sheepish mass
To spot these offenders we need to go back to class


Stealing the future they wasted our past
Take back the control and do it fast
Knowing they care nothing for our child
Spending their future crooked and wild


Replacing them all is our only hope
Limiting the length of their proverbial rope
Replace them again when they get out of line
This country isn't just theirs, it's yours and mine

- - -
Born and raised in Ohio, now living in Florida. Father of two and a PawPaw. Don't get any better then that.


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