Seven Haikus by Cody Stetzel

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Contributor: Cody Stetzel

- -


A child walks down
Streets paved by stone with hand held;
the pigeon flies off.


Clouded day turns bright,
peon clouds part for monarch,
or eyes shift to you.


Ceramic empty
plates reach, stir the pots again;
Distended stomach.

First Love

An empty meadow
the lark sings toward its mate;
no call is returned.


Tiger pounces out
from brush to land in water;
darkness cloaks lanterns.


When is dinner time?
It depends on what you are
eating: words or meat?


One fruit is bitten--
juice drips down his curving chin.
Demand another.

- - -
Cody is a senior college student majoring in English and Professional Writing. He has been published before in Neovox and the Cortland Writer. He aspires to impact the writing community in a positive fashion.


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