Crumbs of Hate

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Crumbs of hate spread all around
Trying to clean up what is on the ground


Spilling blood as we ask to be forgiven
Cheating other people to make a living
Asking for peace, as we wage war
Can't tell lies from truth, that's for sure


Trying to rebuild what we have broken
Missing pieces gathered as a friendly token
Blood stains left outside our door
Can't stand the senseless fighting anymore


If peace is what we really need
Pack away your selfishness and the greed
Favors sought with bags of gold
Tongues of evil intent speaking bold


Politicians that don't do right
Should come up missing in the night
Take them to a country far away
Tell them that is where they have to stay


If you find crumbs of hate on the ground
Pick them up, but don't let them bring you down

- - -
I am the father of two and a Papa. I was born and raised in Ohio and now live in Florida. There are several of my poems published on Leaves-of-Ink and I have one poem in the Storm Cloud Poets Anthology 2.


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