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Contributor: David Subacchi

- -
These girls have a real spark
Dressed in black they sway
From side to side
Shifting their weight
From one foot to another
As recorded music plays

Their dance leader
Dressed in the same way
And barely older
Alternates from bored
Expressions to giving
Directions I cannot follow

But the girls glow
With delight moving
Backwards and forwards
Side to side
Responding willingly
To each instruction

These girls have a real calm
Suddenly they sit cross legged
On the carpet tiled floor
To discuss their next moves
In lowered voices
Before standing again

And recommencing
Their synchronised
Ecstasy of movement
"You have to strut"
Calls out the leader
And as one, they strut.

- - -
David Subacchi is a full time writer and poet born in Wales of Italian Roots. He is increasingly well published internationally.


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