The Pen Is

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Contributor: R. Lee Ubicwedas

- -
"The pen is mightier than the word."
—Dic Asburee Wel

The pen is at one's dangling finger tips. One picks it up,
and writes where one is at, beside a roll or bowl or cup.
One grasps the barrel carefully. Flushed, one drinks in the ink.
The words come st)r(eaming out. The letters form right at the brink.
One flops down on the seat, and plops, positioning one's pants,
the beauty of the moment struggling to get out and dance.
It is breathtaking. O, penned up, it simply hangs, and bangs
against the clothing that contains the angle it constrains.
Turned over, wondered, sideways, down, the pen is moving now;
its sonnet sits upon the age; its words are whorled round.

- - -
R. LEE UBICWEDAS is a poet interested in everything; his mind is as a fleeting dream that travels all about. His influences include eclecticists, like Aristotle, Vergil and Dante, among others.


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