Courage up the Sleeve

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Contributor: Scott Thomas Outlar

- -
Blissed out under the sun
with a new wave forming in the distance
Ready to catch the tide
and return to the conscious space of pure thankfulness

Thankful for the flow and the flux
the highs and the lows
Happy to have survived the fallout
because the grass is now getting greener

I sold my soul cheap
but was able to earn it back
through humility and surrender
to a power much greater
than any dark force or worldly institution

I gave into the desires of the flesh
thinking that vices could bring me joy
but then was shown that virtues
of the heart, mind, and soul
can always trump any negative hand on the table

Building back up after being beaten down
and looking forward to the next challenge
because it is the tests which life brings on
that help us become the best person possible
if we only are willing to face them head on with courage
and allow the lessons to truly sink in deep

- - -
Scott Thomas Outlar survived both the fire and the flood...barely. Now he dances with the waves of the Tao River and laughs it all away.


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