The Art of Killing Time

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Contributor: Neil Fulwood

- -
Shuffle papers. Jot meaningfully on a blotter
or notepad - a quick flurry of words
punctuated by long thoughtful pauses.

Have several browsers open like the panels
in a triptych; flip between them.
Minimise and restore them in different orders.

Pull files from cabinets. Riffle through them
at length. Jot meaningfully. Take your time
putting them back. Be methodical. Be slow.

Go back through reports from previous quarters.
Shuffle papers. Pull files and compare something
with something else not remotely connected.

Dial internal numbers that don't exist. Sigh
and tut and tap a biro top on the tip of your teeth
as it takes forever for no-one to answer. Hang up.

Research something. Make use of the internet.
Have several browsers open. Toss off a comment
about time management. Take screencaps.

Jot meaningfully. Shuffle papers. Punctuate
with long thoughtful pauses. Dial internal numbers
that don't exist. Hope nobody answers.

- - -
Neil Fulwood is the author of the film studies book 'The Films of Sam Peckinpah'. His poetry has appeared in various print and online journals. He's married, holds down a day job and spends his free time at the pub or the cinema.


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