My Land

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Contributor: Kevin M. Tenny

- -
I live in my own Land.
A Land aberrant to those
Of mankind, equivalent
Only to nature.

In my Land, pragmatism
Is illuminated and adored at
The commencement of the mornings rays –
Never altering, never yield,
Constantly shining.

In my Land, romanticism
Drips from the mouths
Like honey. Seeking the touch
Of another suckled lip and pining
For another breath to speak
Its sweet words.

In my Land, dreams
Of an eternal embodiment run
In abundance. Each link
A transient moment of wonder
And awe, forming a quilt
That caresses the moon and
Envies only the stars.

This is my Land.

- - -
Undergraduate engineering student seeking more than just left brain stimulation.


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