Farther Stars Than These

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Contributor: Ramona Thompson

- -
Don't you know
No matter how far away
I will never leave you
In memory or in deed
I am there always
A part of you
Traveling the distance of time and space
To find you
To comfort and to hold you
Forever more

Though the beasts have tried
Time and time again
To come between us
It will not be
As long as my soul roams
This vast solar system
Never will you be alone
Nor afraid
For I will be there between
A barrier to hold back the damning waters
They push on you
To drown you with
In waves of lonely despair

You fight
I fight
As one
We never back down
From the forces of evil that threaten
Our love stronger by far than their hate
Never quite far enough
To catch and entrap us
We share the bonds that shall never break
No matter what they do
This interstellar love will survive

- - -
Bio-Readers/fans may find Ramona on facebook or e-mail her reddstar111@gmail.com. She has appeared in Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Howl and many more.


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