Krocodil in Bath Salt

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Contributor: Bob Eager

- -
After trip to Smoke Shop
and over the counter
found in a khat plant
back home
tries something else from a bag
skin peels off like scales.

Ingredients: Paint thinner, Gasoline, Codeine
amongst others. . . Tasty mix. . .

A substance from Russia,
mood altering stimulating properties
and consequences;

Pass out in bath tub

And going paranoid,

Side Note- Not to be used together or separately;

Epidemic and an odd thing to witness

In a subtle conclusion,

A Reptile disfunction if you will.

- - -
Bob Eager warns about an epidemic of nasty narcotics the public may not know about, one over the counter and one hidden underneath in the underbelly of society. Bob has been published in Stray Branch, Vision With Voices, Right Hand Pointing and Eskimo Pie.


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