Nature's Song

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Awakened late in the night

By a sudden flash of light

Soon to follow a rumbling sound

So damn loud it shook the ground

Watching lights dance across the sky

Children awakened they start to cry

A strange symphony playing in my head

Sounds blended as if by the dead

Something explodes as it hits the ground

Winds that blow the trash around

Just when nature's song reaches a peak

Another lightning bolt makes a vertical streak

I hear raindrops lightly splashing overhead

This late night song plays on as I lay in bed

Then as the rain starts to pound the night

Some animal in the distance howls with fright

Then as suddenly as the storm got its start

All the noise and the light show they do depart

Notes to the night song still linger behind

My search for my slumber I finally find

- - -
Born and raised in Ohio, and now lives in Florida. Married and has two children. Most important he is a Papa. With over a dozen poems on this site and one printed in "Stormcloud Poets second anthology".


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