The Tea Table Shakes

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Contributor: d0ll

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Trembling hand on the door handle
Taps you on the shoulder
Tells you to make up your mind
Teaspoon balances on the table
Tumbling over the edge
Travelling plates try to meet
Tea cups that levitate
Tea’s getting spilled
Take a quick sip
Two taunting eyes across the table
To avoid
Talking is a nightmare
Too hard to choose
Those words to say
Trapped in your
Terrible visions of alternate future
Time left to lose will take
Two different ways
To tear you apart
Timid, tired and destroyed
True instincts hide under the table
Tremendous tea table towers over them up to the sky
Tormented ticking clock
Tries to get away
Time crawling by orders it to stay
Too many variations
To choose the right mistake
Takes so many hours
Till you take a leap
Towards a certain uncertainty
Transcending all anticipations

- - -
DJane, translator, freelance writer, post punk culture & DIY enthusiast


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