The Persistent Wolf

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Contributor: Ginny S. Gillikin

- -
Beautiful wolf,
Furry gray creature,
Oh how I admire you.
Your stunning grace,
Magnificent and lithe physique
Permit you to run through the wilderness,
The spirit of your ancestors
Is instilled in you.
Those long-lost relatives
Paved the way for your kind,
Though your future may be in jeopardy.
But you persevere,
Using your instincts and intelligence
To escape those who pursue you.
You appear carefree,
Behaving as though you will live forever.
Your agile wanderings
Amaze anyone who is fortunate enough to
Glimpse that sight.
You glance around,
Alert but not afraid.
Then you saunter back to your den,
Curiously looking back once more.
Inside, your growing pups awaken.
They crawl and jump,
Frolicking in the dark.
Another generation has survived…

- - -
I have a journalism degree and an English minor from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. I write for my personal enjoyment and have written for publication in NC and VA. I enjoy music, books, photography, travel and museums.


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