Bruce and Lydia

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Contributor: Gordon Lawrie

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For someone recently bereaved, who's also a recent contributor to Leaves of Ink.

Who knows how they met?
Across a workplace desk, in a supermarket aisle,
Perhaps at a party, or on the internet,
Or in a crowded room with a quiet smile?
What caused their paths to intertwine
And journey down the crooked road
Together till the end of time?
No matter: the record showed
They overcame each trouble shared
With the strength of a mighty army.
Like wild winter geese paired
They planned their Springtime journey
Northwards home to cooler parts.
They travel now with heavier hearts.

But look! Can't you see them there –
Flying in formation in the skies,
High above in the cold, clear air?
Open your heart, open your eyes,
Up on the freeway they can go anywhere,
Wings beating in time to an open mind
The days will lengthen, the clouds will clear,
And joy and serenity unconfined.

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I'm primarily a fiction writer of all lengths: three novels all the way down to a mountain of 100-word flash fiction. Poetry is only an occasional vice.


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