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Contributor: Martina Ysabel Pedrina

- -
It has gone way too long
since my bed has been rested upon.
I can't keep my bed unemployed,
as it is the one that gives me comfort and joy.

Without me, my bed has no purpose.
For I am the one who made the purchase.
At midnight sharp, brain cells regenerate,
which is why I should begin to hibernate.

I could give myself a head start,
as this is an important event that is set apart
from all of my other responsibilities
so please let me sleep in a proper facility.

Sure, you can rest upon a lounging chair,
but when you're in a bed, there is nothing to compare.
I can't just take a nap on a lousy little couch,
because I would wake up and start acting like a grouch.

The only place where I'm truly at peace
and my amount of sleep would finally increase.
It is the only place where I feel relaxed,
as I yearn for the evening when I come back.

- - -
Martina Ysabel Pedrina tries to capture all of the different aspects of her life. Whether it was learning something new or fulfilling long-term goals, she makes sure that she can keep hold of these memories through the art of film. Even if her day wasn't the greatest, she never considers a single moment to be unmemorable.


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