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Contributor: Alex Vuong

- -
Run. That’s all I can do.
I’m trapped in a labyrinth with a monster.
I book it around corners of the maze
Desperately seeking a way out.

I keep running through the maze,
Following twists and turns, never slowing down,
For if I do, it will catch me.
And there is no escape from the monster once it gets a good hold

Then I see it, the light.
Down a dark corridor shines a white light.
It’s almost surreal, it’s so bright it hurts my eyes,
I run for it, the light is so close I can almost feel it.
The warm glow and sweet relief. I step into the light

Everything is quiet for a second.
Then the light dims and I see where I am at,
Still trapped, in my mind.
And depression is still after me.

But the light gave me hope.
Just for a moment, everything was still.
It was like I had actually escaped.
Like I was loose of depression’s hold

So I keep running,
Not knowing how or when I will be free,
But knowing I will get there as long as
I keep chasing the light

- - -
Alex Vuong lives his life out loud and in vibrant color. He loves to put on his headphones and dance through his room. Alex is always looking for opportunities to learn new music and create more art.


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