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Contributor: Tiffany Lee

- -
Scarves wrapped around necks,
Smoke coming out of chimneys,
In the white outside.

Laying on the ground,
My bulldog plays with the ball,
With his paws and mouth.

Thanks for your service,
For being brave and fearless,
This day is for you.

Within the meadow,
The birds chirped and the bees buzzed,
To a melody.

Pumpkins on the ground,
Warm apple cider in mugs,
With ham on the plate.

Under the cool shade,
We sip ice cold lemonade,
To escape the truth.

- - -
Tiffany Lee loves exploring and graphic designing. Every time she looks at a shirt, she’s always wondering how she can make her own design better. When she’s not experimenting with designs on Photoshop, she’s improving her calligraphy and painting with watercolors.


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