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Contributor: Megha Sood

- -
I always
what will be engraved on my epitaph
my goodbye note
to the living breathing soul
the reminder
the words of wisdom from a fallen soul
who has dragged itself
through the mundane life
and bore its intricacies
in the pores of her body

How can I tell the living
that how the
words were once spoken
by the sullen mouths
and the black souls have seeped
slowly inside my soul
dripping forever
making that tapping noise
and breaking the eternal silence and
imitates the raindrops
flowing through
the engraved letters of my epitaph.

How I can be ignorant
of the all the beauty
imbued in the souls around me
living in vapid glee
and wallowing their carnal desires
and blowing and puffing smoke
through the untrammeled thoughts in the
their resplendent minds

I wonder,
my eyes are widened
by the sheer thought
running through my mind
How the mere letters
those syllables
the art
on my epitaph
can do any wonders
to which my living soul was denied.

- - -
Megha Sood lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is a contributing poetry editor at Ariel Chart and a collective member/editor at Whisper and the Roar, GoDogoCafe, Candles online and Free Verse Revolution.Her 200+ poems have been published in numerous poetry journal and magazines.She recently won NJ NAMI Axelrod Poetry competition.Her poems have appeared the anthology "We will not be silenced" by Indie Blue Publishing.


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