A Water Sprite

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Contributor: Susie Gharib

- -

{For a child}

A fairy glided into my loom,
The loom with which I spin my moon,
Weaving her light into my wick,
Infusing flames with lunar silk.

Each lock which floated from her head
Was velvet petals in flaming red
Where daisies anchored their gleeful charms
And dew-drops clambered up the stars.

I shook her hand, a bunch of buds
Greeted each cheek with the kiss of doves
Sang praises for a nymph in guise
Harvested sparks of a water sprite.

- - -
Susie Gharib is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde with a Ph.D. on the work of D.H. Lawrence. Since 1996, she has been lecturing in Syria. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in various magazines.


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