'New' Language of Capitalism

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Contributor: Sheshu Babu

- -
Greetings from our organization
(Applicable to not many a person)

We are proud of our drastic increase in production
(The workers deserve more than appreciation )

We earned huge profits in our business
(Yet, the workers' standard of living did not increase)

But our earnings did not meet expectations
(That is, enough to imagine predictions)

So, we have decided to 'downsize'
(Lay off some workers and cut them down to size)

And 'rightsize' our esteemed organization
(Burden existing workers beyond imagination)

For more efficient and effective use of resources
(Follow stringent orders or face harsh consequences)

This way, we can ensure optimal use of our machinery
(While workers under retrenchment die of penury)

We hope you cooperate with renewed vigor and enthusiasm
(A euphemistic way of crushing workers under the wheels of capitalism)

- - -
The writer from anywhere and everywhere , supports any one working without fear and anger.


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