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Contributor: Genn Barrett

- -
It’s an escape from reality
Another way to let one’s fantasies come to life
The doorway to other worlds
Portals to dimensions
Gateways to another time
All this and more are contained within its core

Each one is different
With a new journey anxiously waiting
A brand-new adventure to be had
New people to meet
Different races to be discovered
Unknown cultures to be studied
And new languages learned

They appeal to all kinds
Young and old; rich or poor
And date back to ancient scrolls and stone
Now they’re digitized
Can be read all over the world
They’ll never stop being popular
There are always new stories to be told

- - -
I am a graduate of Hudson Valley Community College's Liberal Arts program currently living in Kingston, NY. I'm a Disney-fanatic, costume maker, and avid reader. And I cosplay at comic cons on the weekends with my boyfriend.


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