Tea Time

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Contributor: Amy L Marcheso

- -
The gossip sloshed out of her mouth, burned her lips
red as lipstick. Steam slipped through between her teeth,
wanting to say any horrible thing she could think about her friend.
I drank the information with a hard swallow.
It hit my stomach,
melting me from the inside.
Nothing about this girl calmed me.

I had never seen such anger
come out of such a small person.
Her face contorted from the hurt
along with the betrayal she felt,
though she was doing the deed herself.

I gasped at every enraged driven gesture.
Her hands constantly connecting with the table with such force
with a string of profanities pouring from her mouth --
And all I could do was sit there

Afraid of how she’d burn me if I dared open my mouth.
Afraid that I was numb to a burn that was already inflicted upon me.

- - -
Amy is a New Jersey born high school senior who loves to read and write in her free time. She describes using writing as an outlet.


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