I Am Not Human

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Contributor: Noah Kim

- -
I am a blank canvas
I am empty and barren
I am vacant and desolate.

Yet, despite this, I am free and have an infinite amount of potential
Just a single drop of color, brings life within me

Red makes me filled with passion and boldness, a hint of anger as well
Yellow shows my optimism, a sun rising up and shining after a dark night
Blue displays trusts and strengths

With each brush stroke painted on me,
Hope, Desire, Pain, and Change, all these feelings are conveyed to me

Expressing emotions through the colors on me
Talking and conveying my feelings to the person looking at me
I converse with the illustrations drawn on me

But for now, I am empty
An empty canvas on an easel
Waiting to for life to be breathed into me

- - -
Noah Kim loves to read up horror movie Wikipedia pages.
He's too scared most of the time to actually watch them, so the ones that pique his interest are usually read.


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