Changing For The Better

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Contributor: Gina DeQuattro

- -
After being alone for so long,
She understood what was happening
No one wanted to leave her, but they would be wasting their time
By sticking around with her insensitive attitude.

She took a long, hard look in the mirror
And pursued the reconstruction
Of herself.

She axed the thick walls of selfishness,
Tore up her old rough floors, stained with stubborness
Continuing on until she reached her foundation.

She picked out a new carpet that had
The softness that she needed,
Built up new walls, full of windows
And made rooms for new guests.

At last she became the palace
That she was meant to be all along.

- - -
Gina DeQuattro is a high school junior. She's enjoyed reading all sorts of media since childhood, and has decided to give writing a try.


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