A Difficult Farewell

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Contributor: Grace Zong

- -
I turned back and waved;
tears dripped down my face.
It was the hardest moment,
although you offered your condolence.

Moving so far away from you,
from the place that gave me déjà vu,
left behind my dearest peers
that I’ve bonded with for years.

But you gave me plenty of motivation
to achieve my goals and self satisfaction.
To me, you were the only reason
that I have grown so much this season.

Though you are no longer with me
to guide me to where I need to be,
I have finally discovered my way
to fulfill my life every single day.

It has already been five years,
and I have overcome all my fears.
Thank you, dad, for all that you have done,
for guiding me in the long run.

- - -
Grace Zong was forced to play the piano when she was little. However, she learned to turn it into a relaxing activity to convey her emotions. When her fingers are not flying over the keys, she can be found working with mathematical problems that help her understand the world better.


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