Boys Will Be Boys

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Contributor: Isabella Fernandes

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In fifth grade, sexism was the dress code.
My spaghetti straps were “distracting”
And my shorts were too short.
They wouldn’t be able to focus,
But it wasn’t their fault.
Boys will be boys.

In eighth grade, sexism changed.
Catcalling was just a compliment,
I should’ve felt flattered.
Sexual harassment was the hormones,
But it wasn’t their fault.
Boys will be boys.

In eleventh grade, sexism changed.
Cornering me in the parking lot,
Following me to my car,
Groping me in the hallway,
But it wasn’t their fault, right?
Because boys will be boys.

- - -
From fiery noodles to deep fried macaroni, seventeen year old Isabella Fernandes has a passion for mixing seemingly incompatible ingredients and creating recipes that are both unusual and delicious. This unconventional mindset and curious spirit extends beyond the kitchen and is shown through her innovative e-commerce articles at Toolots Inc. Here, Isabella turns traditional marketing approaches into specialized techniques that can bolster the spontaneity and productivity of any business.


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