Within Their Soul

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Contributor: Courtney Mills

- -
Glimpses of brown, gold, and green
Slips of blue that shine bright
The door that slowly opens
When you stare long enough into the depths
Getting lost deep within
But not wanting to find the way out
Forever staring
Forever gone

Glimpses of smiles or smirks
Slips you see through the facade
The pain you know they hide
When you see deep into their hearts
Getting to wander further in
But scared of losing grasp
Forever wanting
Forever held

Glimpses of past and present
Slips of the future they want
The grasp they have on you
When you get to know everything
Getting held onto
But afraid of when they let go
Forever fearing
Forever hope

Glimpses of their heart and soul
Slips of what makes them
The happiness and joy
When you know its their love
Getting caught in the wave of emotion
But not wanting to let go
Forever clinging
Forever lost

- - -


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