Persona Killed Personality

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Contributor: Kevin Tai

- -
Why are our names chosen for us?
From birth, our identities are determined
by the ones who know us best. But,
do they really know who we are, or
do they know who they want us to be?
Do they want us to live our life or
the life they regret they left behind?

All of us have secret identities, hidden,
from the hunger of the judgemental world.
Which of my friends is secretly a superhero?
Teachers are sadists, taking pleasure as
originality becomes conformity. We struggle
to stay afloat in this sea of hectic insanity, and
the heaviest items are our unique personalities.

Multi-dimensional people don’t fit well
in tidy boxes. So, why do stereotypes exist?
Are we not able to comprehend anything
new, and must cram every person into
our preconceived notion of who they
should be? If we’re not careful, we’ll
wander into one of these caskets ourselves.

- - -
Kevin Tai is a lunatic, as he often stays up late to photograph the moon. However, he is down-to-earth and logical when he is building and coding robots. He just wishes he could create one to revise his writing pieces.


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