Free at Last

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Contributor: Melody Kwon

- -
Unaware of the scandalous affairs unraveling at home,
scarred heart and bruised thighs.
Never had a true family to call my own,
I lay down wondering what’s up in the skies.

Struggled to open the cap,
thirteen, fourteen, seemed about right.
Three, two, one, I’m falling into the Devil’s trap.
I lose my balance and everything turns white.

I wake up, and lights are flashing.
“Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.”
I touch the skies, then I'm falling,
it happens in a split second, life is a seesaw.

New foster parents and siblings,
but soon reunited with my mom.
Overwhelming wave of emotions,
I guess this is my freedom.

Constant nightmares.
Soul crushing guilt.
Felt constant stares.
From here I rebuilt.

I stand up, and speak up.
Shared my stories with others.
There’s no need for makeup,
I’m capable of showing my colors,

I am no longer ashamed
of the girl in the mirror.
I am no longer chained
by his reign of terror.

I never realized the strength I had,
or my drive to fight.
I like to say I got it from my Dad.
Love will have it’s breaks, but it will always reunite.

- - -


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