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Contributor: Michael Scott Olsen

- -
They rode in to the left of me
rode in to the right
never came at me straight
never came into my sights

scared out of my wits
little squeeze
little squeeze closer to empty
to death
to death.

Only so many rounds
More Germans than rounds
won't get home
won't get the girl
gotta hope
gotta let God know
(probably same God those boys are praying to)
that if I get through this
if I do my part
keep these squeezes short
and he does his
gets this bird
this crew

I'll be the best damn church-going man
I'll be the best damn husband
best damn father
best damn worker

But right now
Just get us home
Just get us home

- - -
Michael Scott Olsen is my father. He passed away six years ago. This is one of the poems I found in his journal.


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