A Blaze, A Voice

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Contributor: Sheetal

- -
It feels cozy, its so warm
Will I go back to the womb?
Its my day today.
The mesh is dying and so is the glue.
I cherish this lasting color of blue.

The fiber is strong, like a cobweb,
Life time work of a spider.
Desperate attempts to stretch, wailing cries to maintain joints.
But I am happy, the mesh is giving away.
At last, finally i am able to earn some points.

Pull the roots, uproot them all.
Warm blaze will heal them all

For once, I don't agree with you today.
Why not help the fire
Why do you stand in the middle.
This glue is of no use.
Let the fire do the justice and close this riddle.

You fed a barren, you nourished a fallow.
But today the cactus has a poetic thought.
Its my day today, I am to follow.

A call to you, maintain the sanctity
Let the fire do the duty.
Trust me, it knows more than you and me.
It feels more than you and me.

Vision is clear as water.
Cactus has the road finally,
With the blaze, i shall go
Entranced in the fragrance of wood,
Alcoholic effects are gone, the steps are perfect.
Falcon is out of the hood.

Oblations to the communion with pyre,
Thanks for lighting the fire.

- - -
I am a poet and a traveler by heart.


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