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Contributor: Jaymee Morgan

- -
I watch him suffer every day,
And I worry because I know he’s in so much pain.

Every day I ache for a miracle,
Wishing the cancer would vanish from his lungs.

I tell him every day that he’s beautiful
And that I’ll never stop believing in him.

His blond hair is gone,
His eyes are red, white, and blue,
His body emaciated,
But he is so beautiful.

We’re drained, in pain, crying every night,
And yet his smile lives,
His soft laughter is there,
And I sleep
Dreaming of waking in his arms,
His smile in the morning sun.

- - -
I am a graduating senior at Bacon Academy in Colchester, Connecticut, USA. I have been writing since I was very young. I identify as a transgender FTM; this has been among the challenges I've faced in a "conventional" American high school.


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