Leave Her to Heaven

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Contributor: David Macpherson

- -
Gene Tierney is dying in her bed,
Poisoning herself so she can frame
Her sister for her murder.
With seconds to go in this life
With frames shuttling past
Her Oscar nominated death scene,
A guy at the bar says,
"She looks good.. She's hot.
Check out the come hither
Lighting on her face."
Her head falls to the right
And with a willful closing of her eyes,
She's deader than
A bad review in the Times.
And the guy watching points,
"Look at that. That's how I want to die.
Fast, with good make-up."
The movie continues and
More drunks are ordered.
And nothing more is acknowledged
Of the drama on the muted television
And all those unspoken dreams
Of magnificent deaths
In fading technicolor.

- - -


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