My Sunshine

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Contributor: Brittany Zedalis

- -
The feeling of warm green grass against my fingertips,
The taste of sweet summer air,
Cheerful laughter in the distance,
Please, take me back there.

Take me back to strong arms,
Lifting me whenever I fell,
Back to songs of sunshine,
To the houses in which we dwelled.

Send me away to younger days,
To her magic words, so kind,
When I followed in her shadow,
Not a mark on her skin from the passing of time.

I fear for the future and what it holds,
When I can walk in her shadow no more,
A mother so strong for so very long,
Of whom I will always adore.

- - -
I am 20 years old, married, and attending Francis Marion University to be an elementary teacher. I enjoy reading, writing and photography, while also running a small photography business on the side of everything else in my life. I've had a few poems featured online and in print.


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