A Fig-Wearing Pig's Cottage

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Contributor: Richard Beckham II

- -
The cottage, draped by waterfalls, leaped to the cliff
That ebbed beyond its prime; like skeleton-rock-stars.

Marooned from the ground, the Longhouse floated
On top of laced sunbeams, which the Crows founded.

Ragged fig leaves waltzed as the snake watched
The cottage crumble from decadence.

The Longhouse gave a quiet chuckle,
And the Crows moved on without a sense of loss.

A bearded skeleton wakes up early
To brush its teeth and play tag with the past.

A puzzled pig wonders why bones don’t stay buried
When they have wings attached that need no ON/OFF switch.

And all this time a mute owl longed to say,
“Who, Who gave Crows power over the Pigs’ hour?”

- - -
Richard Beckham II lives with his wife in Seattle, where he also paints with oils.


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