Even a Weed Can Have a Flower

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Will it be these or will it be those
Should I plant a weed or a rose?
In the end we just water and feed
All we can do is plant the seed


Sometimes in the roughest ground will appear
Special blooms that we will always hold dear
Weeds are like roses they can grow anywhere
But unlike a weed the rose needs more care


Always handle either with a pair of gloves
Choose the rose as the one everyone loves
Pull out the weed and toss it to the side
Even though we know it has beauty to hide


It will still grow and bloom in the end
We still pick the rose to a love one to send
The rose has thorns like the dagger of a thief
But still the weed will give you more grief


Any bouquet of roses is like a loved one's squeeze
And a bunch of Ragweed will only make you sneeze
The rose has more beauty right from the start
But give the weed a chance and it may grab your heart!

- - -
Married, father of two and a Grandpa. Born and raised in Ohio. Now I live in Florida.


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