Spring Sunshine

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Contributor: Lori Wyman

- -
The delicately carved petal of the peach rose
sits in the sun casting its shadow upon
the newly blossoming bud of a yellow orchid.
The bloom of the orange, red and white hibiscus
springs up through the fence
lighting up the flower bed with its array of color.
The green and white-striped ground covering
and hostas spread their dewy freshness
on the flowers above.

The honey-dipped jonquils and the yellow-tipped daisies
stand tall beneath the majestic spruce trees
and God’s artistry and splendor are all in its glory.

- - -
I'm 53 years old and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love to write and am in the process of publishing a manuscript that I've just finished and have been writing for 30 years. I live with my best friend and adore my two Siamese cats. I work as a Sales Representative at Petsmart stores.


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