Dark Meadows

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Contributor: Gary Thomas Hubbard

- -
Dark meadows that lie under a starlight sky
Small creatures rustle bushes as they scurry by
Stepping softly so as not to disturb the ground
Both afraid to and not to turn around


Moving slowly along the edge of the woods
Imagining shadows wearing shadowy hoods
Feeling alone with the darkness pressing down
Creepy thoughts following me like a demented clown


Muffled voices I'm sure I heard in the night
Screech owl screaming something isn't right
Swallowing my fear to just turn around
I trip over something and fall to the ground


I'm sure I heard a low growl from behind that tree
I think I see red eyes glowing what can it be
As fear grips me all along my spine
I tell myself "be calm, it will all be fine"


Something touches me lightly on my cheek
I'm really too afraid to turn even to peek
Tree branches rustled by a breeze's caress
All I want to do is run and hide I must confess


Fearful things imagined on a starlight night
Real creatures or not something ain't right
So if you find yourself walking across scary ground
Run like hell and don't turn around!

- - -
I'm a Jack-of-all-Trades. Born and raised in Ohio I now live in Florida. I'm a father and a Paw-Paw that makes life good!


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