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Contributor: Sabrina M Gutierrez

- -
I wish things had turned out differently.
I wish I had all these stories to tell my friends
about how when I was little,
you and I did this—
or you and I went here
or there,
or how we did everything together.
I wish you were here
to terrify all the new boys that come and go in my life.
My childhood I spent tormented
by the way you sat across the dinner table
and felt miles and miles away from me.
So you hadn’t been much of a dad,
but at least you had given me
one hell of an imagination.
Constantly envisioning
what life would be like
without a mother that cried herself to sleep
or a father who knew how to show love to his family.

- - -
Sabrina Gutierrez is the founder of a small, non-profit organization that hopes to aid families all across the globe through the use of a small, online store and a single micro-lending account. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys reading, shopping for new vinyl, and spending long hours in her city's local coffee shops.


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