Rules of the Sacrifice

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Contributor: Joseph Farley

- -
Blood must not be spilled when the earth needs to be fed,
If the soil will not bring forth green crops, the shedding of blood is appropriate.
Sprinkle three drops in each furrow before and after each seed is planted..

Sanctify the victim before the incision is made.
Do not kill by intent; let all who would nourish the soil give of themselves.
Only choose a victim if no one steps forward.

Choose by lots or by combat.
Let no man or mother gift a child.
Only those who are of age may make the sacrifice.

And send no poets, musicians or wall flowers.
They have eaten so much of themselves
that there is precious little left to feed the gods.

- - -
Joseph Farley edited Axe Factory from 1986 to 2010. His books and chapbooks include Suckers, For the Birds, Longing for the Mother Tongue, Waltz of the Meatballs, and Her Eyes.


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