Olympus Wept

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Contributor: Lindsay N. Burkhard

- -
Tanks forge through shattered glass
Goddess of narrow halls
Sing to
the end, Soldiers of Rock, Liberty ground
The Oracle Proclaimed Death:
Your feet
Blue and enameled
Slipping off the alter
Sink to bloodied bandages- minds scratched
Soft splinters
break against
Foreign marble
marks forgotten bravery
Heroes fall to history’s
selective hands.
Stones cast and souls lost in
Waters unknown.
Golden doves pecked your breast

Enlightenment brings whispers
No False!
Spoken lightly
still waters.
The Grey-eyed One
Sings quietly along
Explosions and shrill cries-
Melodies in the Afghan Dark
Hushed tones cascade through parched lips
Eyes mercury and smoke
Hold back, O Blind Sergeant
Your adversary awaits
gold depths of the bay
Sleep’s mood
darkened and indulgent
to twilight rotting -
Lions feast on corpses and spit out
Disintegrated bullets and shrapnel
Hollow vessels of the faithful,
So god went up against god.

- - -


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