Secrets of the Jasmine and the Oak

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Contributor: Joezel Jang

- -
As I stroll halfheartedly
Down the dusty, rough road,
Suddenly, out of nowhere,

Whiffs of Jasmine
Softly drifts in the breeze,
Whispering secrets,

The ones that we never spoke,
Caressing slumbered stories
Under that lonely old oak.

And when I lost track
On the dusty, rough road,
My feet went way back

To the very roots that cradled me,
Where I buried my only heart
Once, under our old oak tree.

I sat and breathed in
The sweetness, coolness of the night,
Aimlessly staring
At thousands of floating lights,

Wishing I were one of them
Spending endless nights,
Watching over you.

But here I am living alone,
Only rekindled by memories
Of that vaguely familiar,

Whiffs of Jasmine
Now, slowly, fading away
And the secrets buried,
For just another day.

- - -
I am a hopeless romantic. I love reminiscing while strolling down the beach, watching & listening to the rhythm of the rain while drinking early morning or late night Lattes.I have always thought that I am quite unique. I write from the heart or at least from my imagination. Until now, I've been in a journey of finding myself as well as my heart in the crossroads of life. For once, hold my hand, walk with me, see through my eyes, and be my heart as I take you to my Neverneverland.


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