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Contributor: Saria

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Every morning with sunrise,
A lot of desires do suffice.
When the rain drops fall,
The chores of life stall.
When the bird chirps on the tree,
Someone prepares morning tea.
When the delivery man throws the newspaper,
It’s the dog that runs to be the saver.
When the milk van comes buzzing,
The sleeping home wakes up humming.
When the night bulbs turn dim,
It’s the day that’s on the brim.
When the kids rush to school,
The grandma waits sitting on the stool.
When all would be served the breakfast,
The servant would be called at last.
When the house turns silent after morning,
the cat starts roaming and purring.
When the sun is overhead,
It is too late to be in the bed.
When the boy finally rises,
There is already too much crisis.
When, realizes he is late for morning,
the mother calls everyone for afternoon dining.

- - -
Saria writes between breaks, a student. Saria appreciates finer things in life. Illustrating different aspects of human nature and life. The poems are meant to enlighten & entertain leaving behind a trail of thoughts.


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