Touching Vindication

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Contributor: April Salzano

- -
A stroke of karmic justice,
nurse will become patient, victim,
in need of mercy not delivered. I can hope
the medicine that would ease
be diverted to another vein,
delivered in half the milligrams
prescribed, at best, sink water,
at worst. That someone’s lowest point
coincides, aligns cosmically with yours.
Let it be held in a grip
that has started to loosen.

- - -
April Salzano teaches college writing in Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in Poetry Salzburg, Pyrokinection, Convergence, Ascent Aspirations, The Rainbow Rose, The Camel Saloon, The Applicant, Jellyfish Whispers, Deadsnakes, Winemop, and is forthcoming in Inclement, Poetry Quarterly and Decompression.


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