Almost Never

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Contributor: Frank Grigonis

- -
I’m almost never in sync
with the buzzing swarm
of humanity.
On Facebook today
someone shared a story
comparing two past presidents:
Jimmy Carter and George W.,
intending to show
in stark contrast
what a fool Bush is
for painting pictures
of his dog,
while Saint Jimmy
selflessly devotes himself
to managing elections
for Lybians
and building what look like
big birdhouses
for poor families.
Well, when old W.
was president
I had almost nothing
good to say
about him
and still don’t,
but I like that he paints
pictures of his dog.
It shows that
he’s at least
nominally artistic, and
part human
after all.
As for old Jimmy,
I don’t see
why the Lybians,
or anyone else
need him around
to oversee their elections;
and while it’s a
nice thing
to build homes
for the poor,
isn’t it ultimately
a father’s job
to provide for
his own family
in accordance with
the judicial decree
first handed down
by Mother Nature herself,
the original judge
of all?
The very same one
who rendered this opinion:
no one really
does anything selflessly.
We do what we do,
whether it’s painting dogs,
helping the poor,
or writing poems,
because it makes us
feel better;
so go ahead
and disagree
in the comments section
below this poem,
and don’t click “like”,
it won’t bother me
because I like to make
my own buzzing sounds
quite apart from
the swarm.

- - -
Frank likes to buzz.


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